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The most haunted pub in the village...

There have been numerous reports of ghostly sightings and strange happenings..

Simon's parents took over the Red Lion in the 70's. One evening he awoke and saw a woman standing in his bedroom doorway. He blinked a couple of times but the figure remained before suddenly vanishing. On a separate occasion he was playing music in his room which was on the top floor and had a gap at the bottom of the door allowing the landing light to shine under the door and into the room. He saw the shadow of a figure moving backwards and forwards behind the door, thinking it was his sister spying on him, Simon jumped up and threw open the door, but there was no one there.

Rachel used to clean at the pub. Once whilst clearing out the fire she felt someone touch the back of her neck, she turned and again there was no one there. Another time she walked into the back room and saw a man wearing a hat standing at the bar. It was 6am so she asked him what he was doing there, instead of replying he simply vanished.


Landlord John believes that whenever things are changed in the pub it seems to trigger these paranormal events. One evening after hours, decorators were giving the place a lick of paint. The apprentice was alone in room 2 using a step ladder to reach the ceiling when he too felt someone touch the back of his head. The lad shot down the ladder and out of the door, refusing to go back into the building.

On more than one occasion John and barmaid Wendy have seen pint glasses fly off the shelf by themselves, plummet to the floor but not break. Then there was the episode of the moving pictures. Pictures weren't just moved on the wall, they were moved into different rooms.